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Executive coaching

You may be a board member or senior executive who wants to improve your leadership effectiveness. A high performer on a fast track looking to make a seamless shift into a more senior role. If you’re a business owner, you may want to pursue your own development needs in line with those of your business.

We believe that great leadership starts with bringing the whole person to the leadership role. When leaders understand the kind of leader they are and how they want to lead, others are more willing to follow them, especially in changing times.

We’ll help you gain clarity on what’s going on inside as well as around you. This insight can transform how you approach opportunities and respond to new challenges. Targeted coaching can help you to learn, grow and develop as a leader, allowing you to push yourself and the teams you lead to new levels.

Coaching teams

The best performing teams make the most of each person’s unique strengths. As they work towards targets they are mindful of other important aspects of the working world, such as culture and behaviour. And they always remember to build great relationships outside the team.

Our coaching for teams is practical and pragmatic and combines support with challenge. Team coaching sessions instil team dynamics followed by one-to-one work to address specific issues.

We also provide group coaching to groups of leaders from across functions and teams, focusing on establishing trust to help drive collaboration and innovation across the business.

Career coaching

Most of us today are likely to have two or more careers in our lifetime. We may even do several jobs at the same time. Career coaching can help you feel confident in dealing with the challenges of taking on a new role at work, changing jobs or pursuing a new career altogether. And if you’re returning to work after a period of time out, we can support you through this time too.

We help you gain fresh insights on where you are and how you can get to where you want to be.

Many organisations recognise the value of career coaching in relation to career development and employee retention. A career coach can often be a helpful additional resource for in-house teams.

Supporting organisational coaching programmes

Companies of all sizes are seeing benefits from integrating coaching into the workplace. There are lots of ways we can help develop a coaching culture within your organisation.

This can include planning and implementing coaching programmes. We will train managers on coaching skills so they become well-versed in using coaching conversations to motivate their teams.

Coaching has reached the boardroom. There is growing recognition that coaching can help improve talent management, employee wellbeing and make a difference to the bottom line.

Even so, a frequent challenge for HR teams is to secure the budget to implement coaching programmes, build in-house capacity or engage outside support. We can help present the business case for coaching using commercial and academic evidence.


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