Burnout happens at all ages and stages

Burnout can affect all of us at some time or another, and to higher or lesser degrees. It is totally work related and was first noticed as a phenomenon that affected people who work as ‘helping professionals’ back in the 1960’s, such as teachers, counsellors, nurses, doctors and so on. For a variety of reasons, burnout is now a large part of many peoples’ working lives. Organisational HR, talent and well-being functions have a duty of care to their staff, and are increasingly aware of their employees’ wellbeing and emotional status. This includes the potential effects of burnout on their staff.

The effects of burnout can be physical, emotional and mental. If a person is feeling symptoms across all three realms then the burnout stage is probably rather advanced.

If you feel you are currently experiencing any level of burnout, it is important to have someone to talk to about it. Typically, we do not even realise that we are experiencing any symptoms as we get used to feeling low as well as lacking in energy and motivation. Find out how your organisation will support you now.

I suffered from burnout during my early career years. I was in my late 20’s and was working for an American organisation that expected a lot from its employees. As a result of this expectation I started to work really hard, and as I became more successful so I effectively became a workaholic. I was literally addicted to work. What were my drivers? For me it was all about the recognition and being successful. I was ambitious and wanted to move on and up as quickly as I could. And promotion only spurred me on to work harder, faster and longer. Before I knew it, I was going into work on the weekends to ‘get ahead’ so I could go for it full throttle on a Monday morning.

However, instead of feeling like a fire-starter, I started to feel massively tired and run down. I then started to find that no amount of extra sleep helped me to feel better. With the onset of constant lethargy, I went out more with friends, drank more alcohol than usual and set up a negative wheel of exhaustion, overwhelm, unhealthy feelings and behaviour. My appearance became dishevelled and I essentially lost interest in anything outside of my work.

I became disillusioned with work after a period of time, and was glad when I was moved to a different part of the business. But before long I was looking for a new job and the opportunity to reinvent myself, to leave these feelings of negativity about both myself and work behind.

If you recognise any of these feelings then you are probably experiencing some level of burnout. You can do something now to help and gain back control before it takes more control of you.

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